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Product partnerships drive Thankmas to raise over $10 million for World Central Kitchen

Coca Cola and Teremana Tequila donate $500k each to Thankmas 2022 and JacksepticEye gets a taste!
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Product partnerships drive Thankmas to raise over $10 million for World Central Kitchen

Thankmas 2022

Amassing over 10 million views on Jack SepticEye’s Youtube between Thankmas 2020 and 21, the P2P fundraising event has become increasingly well-known. In 2022 major brands such as Coca Cola and Teremana Tequila (owned by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson) were eager to make donations and have their products featured in this year’s $10M event, viewed by over 3M on Youtube.

In both cases, Sean “Jacksepticeye” McLoughlin sampled the brands’ products during the livestream, helping evangelize them to the 3M viewers, and delighted the audience with the unique experience.

Coca Cola

Coca Cola wanted to do something fun and creative during the livestream aligned with Thankmas’ spirit of being a fun event full of games, trivia, and laughs.

The idea: various drink mixtures of coca cola products from a Coca Cola Freestyle machine and Jack SepticEye had to guess the contents. Some of these included Coke Zero with Cream Soda, Sprite peach, and Minute Maid Cherry Lemonade.

The result: Drinks that audience members will want to remember next time they’re near a Coca Cola freestyle machine and lots of laughs!


A bottle of Teremana was wrapped as a present and sent specially to Sean to open when Thankmas 2022 reached $3M donations. When that moment occurred, Sean opened the bottle and in the attached card learned that Teremana was making a $500,000 donation. A donation alert in the name of Teremana popped onto the screen and Sean and his segment guest, popular Youtuber CDawgVA (Connor Marc Colquhoun) opened the bottle and did a live taste-test of the tequila on air for all viewers to see.

The verdict on Teremana Tequila: great nose (scent) and smoother than many other tequilas Sean and Connor had previously tasted!

We’re pretty confident quite a few Thankmas 2022 viewers went out and bought a bottle to enjoy during the holidays after seeing Sean enjoy a glass himself!

Thankmas 2022 included 2,445 participating fundraisers and raised $10,356,339 to benefit World Central Kitchen

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