Fundraising on YouTube

YouTube is the top performing social media platform for fundraising on Tiltify.
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Fundraising with Livestreams

Livestreaming connects a creator with their community, inspiring them to rally, share, support and donate to their Tiltify campaign, for causes that they care about the most.

2.6 billion
viewers per month
51 million
active channels
1 billion
hours watched each day

How do people fundraise on YouTube?

On YouTube, fundraising occurs in both livestreamed and recorded videos. Content creators leverage Tiltify’s livestream fundraising and donor engagement tools to help build a more dynamic and engaging experience for their viewers Everyone “going live” on YouTube can pin their Tiltify donation link in chat to encourage donations and YouTube Partners can even add Tiltify campaign links to their videos, encouraging donations at any time!

Tiltify + Twitch

Learn how Tiltify can help you utilize the worlds largest livestreaming platform to raise money for your cause

Tiltify + Salesforce

Learn about Tiltify's integration with the world leading CRM

Tiltify + Crowd Control

Average campaign donations and totals more than double when Crowd Control is integrated. Find out what all the excitement is about.

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