Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Events

Empowering you to build branded programs unique to your organization
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Why host P2P fundraising events?

When charities commit resources toward fundraising events, their fundraisers are more successful.  Their campaigns raise more money by gathering a larger # of gifts and higher donation amounts. 

As shown in our latest benchmark report, fundraisers creating campaigns as part of P2P events raised 37% more. 

Fundraising event campaigns vs unattached campaigns - Graph shows $2,436 vs $1,773 average raised and $55.01 vs $49.75 average donation

Key features

Customizable templates

Make your event page your own with branding and template options

Annual event functionality

Seamlessly roll-over one event for the next year

Fundraiser incentives

Say thank you to your fundraisers when reaching certain goals


Recognize your top performing Individual & team fundraisers

Event milestones

Share suggested milestones with your fundraisers

Campaign types

Choose which campaign types your event allows

Event specific overlays

Distribute branded event overlays for livestream fundraisers to use

Membership / registration fees

Add a fee to the fundraiser registration process

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