18 December 2023 / < 1 min read

BigTaffman on why Tiltify is his preferred fundraising platform

We sat down with Chris "BigTaffman" Harrod and chatted through some tips he recommends for charities looking to partner with content creators.
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BigTaffman on why Tiltify is his preferred fundraising platform

BigTaffman aka Chris Harrod is no stranger to charity fundraising on Twitch. For several years now he's donated all his monthly earnings from Twitch to different charities and hosts bi-annual streaming fundraising telethons where he actively fundraises.

His model is unique: he will create a campaign for a charity, donate his monthly earnings for 2-3 months, then retire the campaign, select a new charity, and create a new campaign benefiting them. He repeats this process every 3 months or so. Twice a year he will actively fundraise for charities during a 16-hour marathon livestream.

He has experience using Tiltify, JustGiving, and Twitch's fundraising features. After discovering and using Tiltify in late 2021, it immediately became his preferred platform.

Learning about features I haven't used yet on Tiltify, like polls, gets my creative juices flowing for how I will use them in the near future- it's very exciting!

BigTaffman - aka Chris Harrod

We recently had the opportunity to sit down and chat with him about his fundraising and use of Tiltify. He wanted to share the following recommendations to charities:

  • It is much easier to find a charity and fundraise for them if they are listed on Tiltify.
  • His preference for using Tiltify is so strong that if a charity isn’t yet registered on the site, he will reach out to the charity and recommend they register instead of using a different fundraising platform.
  • The fundraising incentives such as polls, rewards, and milestones on Tiltify make for a much better fundraising experience – really unlocking the inspiration and creativity of the fundraiser.
  • Using alternative platforms such as Twitch’s fundraising features or JustGiving, which only provide a basic “donate” button is much less interesting to use.
  • He prefers participating in a charity’s organized Fundraising Event than simply fundraising for them individually.
  • Participating in a Fundraising Event allows him to visualize himself on the event leaderboard compared to other fundraisers.
  • Seeing other fundraisers on an event leaderboard creates an opportunity to follow and support them, as well as network.
  • The ability to use Crowd Control- only available when fundraising for charity on Tiltify- creates an amazing experience for the fundraiser!

The first time I participated in a fundraising event on Tiltify was for Dementia UK’s 'Stream for Dementia UK' and I was really proud that I could go and see that I was the top fundraiser for the event.

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