Fitness Fundraising

Tiltify is changing the digital fitness fundraising game!

Drive your community into action with Activity Tracking.

Tiltify’s industry leading engagement tools like Milestones, Targets, Rewards, and Polls can now be used in tandem with our new activity tracking tools.

fitness fundraising progress

Activity and fundraising working together!

Now more than ever, people are using fitness trackers. Fundraisers can connect their activity goals with their fundraising goals. Whether your fundraisers set their goal to hike 10 miles to raise $10,000 or commit to 45 minutes of an activity to raise $45,000, the options are endless!

Crush your competition!

Your cause can launch your own P2P Digital Fitness event template for all participants and use your new leaderboard to track their cumulative activity and fundraising side-by-side.

feature leaderboards

Follow your metrics on your fundraising page

On both your participants fundraising page and your P2P Fundraising Event page you can also now highlight multiple types of activities and metrics for your supporter to engage and follow along.

Direct Syncing

Through direct integrations with fitness apps you can automatically have data added to your fundraising pages in multiple categories. Manual activities can also be added.

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