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P2P fundraising events

Empowering you to build branded programs unique to your organization. Your fundraisers will raise more and have more fun using our industry leading fundraising tools. 

Statistically, campaigns tied to events raise an average of 37% more than non-event campaigns.


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Donor engagement tools

Our innovative engagement tools known as milestones, rewards, targets and polls help fundraisers engage donors and offer opportunities for repeat donors and increased donation amounts. Average campaign fundraising totals increase dramatically when using our tools. 

Donor Engagement

Join thousands of local and global charities

From local to the worlds most known charities, we're providing the tools to engage a new generation of fundraisers and donors

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DIY fundraising

Give your fundraisers the opportunity to raise funds for you any time and any way they like. Utilize our campaign categories to customize the experience of your fundraisers. 

Any time fundraising
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Fitness fundraising

Our donor engagement tools combined with Strava, Garmin and Fitbit integrations create a whole new level of fundraising. Combine data on distance, time and elevation with monetary goals, and you have a recipe for success.

Fitness fundraising
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Messaging center

Forget email; in-app messaging is the number one way to make sure you get your message to fundraisers. This modern solution enables fundraisers to read messages when they're on platform, and ready to engage.

Messaging center
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Redemption codes

Upload digital redemption codes for your fundraisers to use as rewards for automatic distribution to donors. Got a games bundle, ebook or anything digital, simply upload a csv and generate thousands of individual rewards.

Redemption codes
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Donation processors

Giving donors different services for how they they support you enhances the donation experience, and increases the chances of being a preferred choice for the donor. We currently provide three popular options for you to connect to.

Donation Processors