Amplify by Tiltify

Frictionless fundraising is here
amplify illustration

Your supporters can now generate a unique donation link to participate in a fundraiser in one click. Each donation generated through the custom link is credited to that supporter.

Friends, family, and fans can now participate and help fundraising pages reach new audiences while fundraisers and charities track their impact.

In 3 simple steps, the reach of any individual campaign on Tiltify can be amplified.

shares their Amplify campaign link.

Followers create individualized Amplify links for their community.

Campaign is amplified to more donors.

A text input showing the users amplify link with a copy link button, and facebook and twitter share buttons

Share an Amplify link on social media or by email & watch the support roll in. Thank those that Amplify campaigns and convert them to future fundraisers on Tiltify.

Amplify is your new simple solution for


Increasing "low-lift" fundraiser activity when those supporters aren't yet ready to create a full campaign


Allow your celebrity supporters to fundraise in an easy and trackable way


Gather instant support for urgent emergency response campaigns