About Tiltify

Founded in 2014 to support livestream fundraising, Tiltify is now so much more


In 2014, livestreaming exploded as a new form of content creation accessible to everyone. Tiltify grew out of a need to match this dynamic new interactive technology with charitable fundraising.

  • Tools that can function with livestreams in a way that bring the kind of engagement creators and viewers expect.  
  • A safe and trustworthy way for charities to get their donations immediately. 
  • Fundraising and P2P technology that spoke to the overlooked millennial and gen Z demographics.

From the beginning Tiltify dedicated itself to working closely with the early creator community. As livestreaming spread from Twitch to YouTube to Facebook, we continued to innovate to give all communities the best tools possible to support all causes.

Thanks to the growing community, Tiltify's tools account for the highest fundraising averages in dollars raised and number of donations per campaign.

After proving our tools in the livestream space Tiltify has created innovative tools for causes. P2P Fundraising Event pages, fundraiser messaging, analytics, sharable rewards, sharable redemption codes, data integrations, donation reports and more. All the tools causes expect from a fundraising platform but built for the future.

Tiltify has grown from the leading fundraising platform to an innovator in the peer-to-peer fundraising space with new engagements and tools for the digital generation.

Tiltify will continue to build the most innovative technology for the millions of content creators and fundraisers who want to make an impact across all social channels while giving charities access to those same innovative strategies and technologies to implement their programs.