Donor Engagement

Building the best set of tools for fundraisers to raise the most

We are obsessed with helping a today's fundraisers engage with their online communities and that has allowed us to build tools that produce the highest fundraiser averages in the industry.

Engaging Donors

Traditional peer-to-peer fundraising events ask fundraisers set up a fundraising page and send out the link to friends and family asking them to donate. The donor visits the page, donates, and leaves. 

Modern fundraisers and donors are motivated by interactivity and instant feedback. Tiltify has been focused on the tools that do just that. These tools generate more donations per campaign, an increase in returning donors, and higher funds raised. 


An individual fundraiser can set milestone amounts along the way to their goal and commit to take an action once each milestone is met. Think of the fundraiser who commits to dying or shaving their hair, getting a tattoo, or eating something they hate if they hit a certain fundraising amount.

Illustration of milestones with a tooltip of $1000 - eat a jalapeno pepper

  Without Milestones With Milestones
Ave per Campaign $1,041 $1,486
Ave # donations 25 36
Avg donation $42.50 $41.06



Polls are for fundraisers who want to set up multiple-choice questions and encourage donors to vote using their wallets.

Commanding the highest fundraising average by far, polls are popular because they often allow the donor to vote on what the fundraiser will do next.

An illustration of a poll concept with three options. The leading poll is at $190, second is $150 and third is $84

   Without Polls With Polls
Ave per Campaign  $1,134  $2,495
Ave # donations  27 61
Avg donation $42.00 $40.60



While milestones can be used over weeks or months on the way to an individual’s overall campaign goal, Targets can be used for shorter, time-bound fundraising challenges.

An illustration of a target concept with a $500 goal. The fundraiser is half way to their goal

  Without Targets With Targets
Ave per Campaign $1,157 $1,984
Ave # donations 28 42
Avg donation $41.48 $47.63


The rewards feature allows fundraisers to offer their own custom incentive for donations at or above a certain amount. The reward could be a physical item like a thank you card, a virtual item like a voucher or game code, or it could trigger an action taken by the fundraiser like eating spicy chips or placing googly eyes on their face during a livestream.

Illustration of a reward concept with a donation price of $100 and the accompanying text - Now available! Our 2022 supporter t-shirt

   Without Rewards With Rewards
Ave per Campaign  $1,061  $1,621
Ave # donations 25  39
Avg donation $42.15 $41.30


Donation matching challenge illustration

Matching donation challenges

A matching donation challenge turns any donation over $500 into a matching donation on a campaign! Donors can start matches at any time and campaigns can have multiple matches at the same time, making every donation worth much more.

Donation cart checkout

Our new donation cart checkout streamlines the donation process, allowing your supporters to select multiple rewards on a supporting campaign in a single transaction. 

This simplified approach eliminates the need for donors to checkout multiple times, saving them time and effort, and increasing the likelihood of them donating.

Illustration of a shopping cart

Do our donor engagement tools look appealing?