DIY Fundraising

Unlock the power of choice for your fundraisers

DiY by Tiltify means causes can finally help fundraisers create individual campaigns that speak to what motivates them.

Each campaign type presents your fundraisers with different questions to help them set up their individual fundraising campaign. A fundraiser can create and publish their campaign and start supporting you in under 5 minutes.

Available for Pro and Enterprise causes, DIY by Tiltify has seven campaign types that offer different experiences for fundraisers when creating their campaigns.

celebration v3


Celebrating a birthday or another important milestone in your life? Fundraisers can create a fundraising campaign to celebrate your cause!



Get your creative juices flowing on this campaign! Fundraisers are able customize their own experience to fulfill all their fundraising dreams.


Emergency response

Creating an emergency response campaign, fundraisers can help provide financial support for emergent or long-term challenges near or far for your cause



Fundraiser’s can raise money while tracking their progress through our integrations with Strava, Garmin and Fitbit.

candle v2


Honor a loved one by creating a fundraiser in a few minutes. Memorial fundraising campaigns are a great way for your supporters to honor a loved one.


School, Community, or Workplace

Motivate your classmates, community members, and staff to take action and do good in this world by creating fun giving initiatives, charitable appeals, and online volunteering opportunities.

Interested in DIY Fundraising?