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What is Twitch?

Twitch is a social media platform used for streaming live video and chatting with friends. Twitch has a wide variety of people sharing their hobbies and hanging out with their communities of like-minded followers. While Twitch’s origins were in the gaming community, the most popular topic on Twitch today is “Just Chatting” and you are just as likely to find a person hosting make-up demos or creating art vs. playing games.

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Raised for charity

The majority of the money raised on by the Twitch Community since 2014 has been through Tiltify.

How do people fundraise on Twitch?

The Tiltify Twitch extension

Our Twitch extension embeds onto the fundraisers Twitch page enabling viewers to donate without leaving the livestream. It enables all of our donor engagement tools to be available directly on Twitch

How to use the Twitch Extension for Tiltify

The Tiltify Twitch extension is available to all fundraisers. It enables donations to be accepted on the fundraisers Twitch page without donors having to leave the live stream. All of the Tiltify incentive functionality is there, baked right into the extension.


Tiltify + Salesforce

Learn about Tiltify's integration with the world leading CRM

Tiltify + YouTube

Leverage the worlds biggest video platform to raise money for your cause

Tiltify + Crowd Control

Average campaign donations and totals more than double when Crowd Control is integrated. Find out what all the excitement is about.

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