Redemption Codes

Digital rewards, fulfillment codes and downloadable gifts for online fundraising.

Distribute digital rewards to your donors

Tiltify’s Redemption Code system is built for the needs of the current generation of donor fulfillment. Digital goods, whether it is a downloadable gift or a fulfillment code, rewards donors in a new and exciting way!

Spread the love

On uploading your redemption codes they can be immediately available to your fundraisers. As soon as they make the reward active, donors can then claim their codes

Automate delivery

Immediately after donating, redemption codes are available to donors through email and also directly in their Tiltify account

Redemption code dashboard

You can upload and track claimed codes right from your cause dashboard. Download reports and analyze at your leisure.

Simplify the donation experience

By using redemption codes, you make the donation process simple and frictionless. No need for shipping addresses or any of our added options while donating. Donors can donate and claim their reward later.

Engage with your corporate partners

Your corporate partners will love this feature by driving traffic directly to their website for redemption of every code claimed.


Creating Redemption Codes is an easy incentive for any fundraiser to activate on their own fundraising campaign.

By working with your corporate sponsors, Redemption Codes creates an added value for both the Cause and the corporate sponsor’s by driving up your Cause’s donations and increasing traffic to your sponsor’s site when donors redeem the codes offered.

Learn more about our redemption code functionality