Salesforce Data Integration

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Available via the SF App Exchange.

The Salesforce data integration provides charities with a one-way sync from Tiltify into Salesforce that brings over Donor & Fundraiser contacts, Teams, Donations, Fundraising Events and Campaigns.

Some functional highlights include:

  • Leverages Schedulable Apex to run data imports on a defined cadence
  • Connects to Tiltify’s public API based on saved credentials and configuration
  • Built-in permission checking to prevent overwriting of protected data
  • Logging engine to preserve detailed records of inbound and outbound call payload
  • Logging limits to prevent logs from using up more data storage than desired

Configuration page supports:

  • Setting credentials for callouts 
  • Selection of field mapping from Tiltify Objects to Salesforce Objects
  • Scheduling of Imports/Deletions

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Talk to our Salesforce team about the integration