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Community Building 101: Media Toolkits

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Community Building 101: Media Toolkits

Here at Tiltify, our focus is to ensure that your charity is successful in its fundraising efforts. From the moment a charity creates its first-ever streaming program to help capture the interest of new fundraisers, Tiltify is here to help!

Our passion is spreading the good in the world and we strive to create the best tools to reach our shared goals. By ensuring your charity is using the most up-to-date tools and consistently integrating our technology, your charity will be set up to receive better engagement and more donations on the Tiltify platform. One of the most important tools a charity can equip itself is a media toolkit.

What is a Media Toolkit?

A media toolkit is a comprehensive package of graphics, images, videos, and media that fundraisers can utilize to help speak to your charity’s mission and impact. Proactively educating your fundraisers will drive more donations to your cause.

Toolkits can be built out and shared publicly via sites like OneDrive or Google Docs, and updated as needed. Instead of creating a new toolkit for every event, activation, or campaign, charities can implement a general toolkit that is readily accessible to fundraisers at all times.

Media toolkits are critical to both the charity and the fundraiser’s success because they prepare your fundraisers to be ambassadors for your brand and your mission. These serve as a one-stop-shop for anything that a fundraiser needs to feel confident communicating during their fundraising activities that can range from livestreaming to memorial fundraisers or even a bake sale.

Toolkits should quickly answer questions like:

  • How does a donation impact your mission?
  • Why should someone donate to your mission?
  • How will people know who I’m raising money for?
  • What are some things I can tell people about the charity?

A charity’s toolkit can also include testimonials or stories that highlight the charity’s community impact and/or changed lives. Toolkits speak about the charity quickly, efficiently, and effectively.

Charities should aim to have a branded, standard toolkit with items including:

  • Panels for Twitch and YouTube
  • Visual assets, including images, graphics, and videos for social media amplification across sites like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, and Twitter
  • Banners
  • Static graphics for a stream overlay
  • A list of your charity’s impact points, highlighting ways donations help the cause
    Videos for fundraisers to share with the community, ranging from 30 seconds to 2 minutes in length
  • Customizable graphics to allow creators to make their own panels and graphics matching the organization’s brand guidelines
  • Brand standards and guidelines
  • One-pager, explaining briefly what your cause is, why creators need your help, and how to help

Having a toolkit available allows your charity more fundraiser opportunities with ease of readily available assets and the flexibility to update assets as needed. A branded, standard toolkit removes the need to roll out a new toolkit for every charity event, thus saving your charity time and resources. You can also create toolkits for specific events, with time permitting, that will focus on specific holidays, activations, events, or help bolster a special mission that your charity wants to launch.

Another nice feature about media toolkits is that they don’t always have to be loaded with information! Even starting small and providing templates for fundraisers to use is still helpful. Simple graphics that bolster the organization’s brand colors and logos can be used to let streamers also express themselves on their channels while supporting your cause. Alas, the possibilities with media toolkits are many, and charities should take time to explore options aimed to further drive their mission forward.

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